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PCR New Logo

We've marked the fourteenth anniversary of providing free after-school enrichment experiences for the young people in the school district of Philadelphia with a new brand identity and messaging to better reflect the our profound impact in the community. 

Founded in 2009 along the Schuylkill River, PCR was born from the belief that no young person should miss out on opportunities to build a successful future because of where they come from.

For decades, young people from historically marginalized communities in Philadelphia have missed out on the benefits rowing can provide in terms of academic support, college exploration, access to nature, and connections to an expanded network of caring adults. By keeping our programming free, PCR is working to create a more diverse, equitable, and accessible environment for all young people to define and build their future. 

“We are thrilled to roll out a message that more precisely represents the ways we serve Philadelphia public school youth,” says Caitlin Mance, Executive Director. “We support their physical health through our rigorous athletic programs and wellness education. We support their academic development, ensuring they’re college and career-ready, and are proud that 100% of PCR seniors have graduated on time with bright plans for their future! And now, more than ever, we back their social development with robust resilience, skill-building, mental health referrals, and civic engagement opportunities.”

The new brand, which features different-colored oars to represent their three areas of focus, was designed to visually communicate the unique way PCR helps each student build a better future for themself through so much more than just rowing. Today, PCR is the only youth development organization in Philadelphia to offer FREE, comprehensive rowing programs that combine academic support, mentorship, team-building, and wellness education. 

“When we say we’re diverse, equitable, and transformative, we really mean it. PCR youth come from every neighborhood in the city to one place to connect with peers they would have otherwise never met, " says PCR Board member Catherine Reddick. "We know that our strength lies in the connections our students make with their peers and this community,."

To celebrate the launch of the new brand, we're inviting community members to our new indoor rowing training facility on Saturday, September 30th, from 10 am to 2 pm, to help paint the building exterior at 4017 Cambridge St. in Parkside with the new branding. 

“PCR is such a special place, and we’re so happy to be in Parkside, so young people nearby will have a new place outside of school to belong and grow," says George Rowley, Director of Programs and Community Inclusion. "I’m excited to bring our new identity into the schools and hope it better conveys our mission, goals, and programming to the young people who can benefit and their caregivers.”

To sign up to volunteer for the painting event, click here