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Our Vision

Together, we’re creating a diverse, equitable and transformative environment for Philadelphia’s youth to define and build their future. 

Our Mission

PCR creates a unique, comprehensive and free after-school enrichment experience for young people in the school district of Philadelphia by offering a mix of competitive rowing, academic mentorship, and wellness education. With an emphasis on reaching underserved communities, PCR strives to create an inclusive environment that helps all young people unlock their true potential and explore the possibilities of their future.

Our Values


We believe that learning to collaborate in a diverse team environment helps young people explore their own strengths and deepens their connection to their peers and community.


We believe all young people should have access to academic support, college and career exploration, and athletic opportunities, regardless of where they live or their socioeconomic status. 


We believe in the power of rowing to help teach the physical, mental, and social tools that each unique young person needs to thrive.