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Our Mission

Philadelphia City Rowing ("PCR") has a mission to empower Philadelphia public school students to reach their highest potential.  We believe that by providing academic support, mentoring, nutrition education, and enrichment activities in conjunction with a highly structured athletic program, we can improve the academic achievement, health outcomes, and personal development of our participants. PCR maintains a culture that reaches under-resourced youth, puts students first, and is inclusive, transformative, and engaged with the community. We actively engage youth who have the most to gain from our programming and to ensure that all of our participants benefit from a team environment that reflects the rich racial, ethnic and socioeconomic diversity of Philadelphia. 

Our Values

Reach Students Who Need Us

Our priority is to reach under-resourced students who have the most to gain from our program.  PCR redefines what it means to be a rower and expects everyone from students to staff to actively create an environment that welcomes and serves our target population.  We create an environment for holistic growth and are committed to providing the right resources to empower our participants to reach their individual potential.

Draw Strength From Diversity

By bringing students together from different communities and backgrounds, PCR builds strong teams who learn from each other as well as our programs.

Students First

PCR student-athletes are students first.  Their success and our is measured, first and foremost, by their academic progress.  We prioritize student needs and outcomes in the classroom.

Transform Lives

100% of our students graduate high school on time.  We work with participants to set and achieve their goals, maximizing their individual potential.  We measure our success by the growth of student-athletes across multiple dimensions and we aim to provide multifaceted positive youth development programs designed and implemented in a culturally appropriate, trauma-sensitive, and evidence-based manner.  

Engage WIth the Community

We cultivate engagement within and across communities.  The support and resources of our community empower participants, families, and staff to be active stewards of and advocates for their broader communities.  By becoming fully-integrated into the rowing and Philadelphia communities, we can further empower Philadelphia School District students to reach their full potential.