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Philadelphia public high schools have only one guidance counselor for every 608 students, and many low-income families struggle to find the time and expertise to provide sufficient support for college-bound students at home. PCR is committed to filling this void for all our participants, by providing information, guidance, and support. 

PCR's College Readiness Program combines college counseling, SAT preparation, and essay writing, application submission and financial aid assistance with group college visits to help set our student athletes on a path for success. Our academic coordinator works closely with all students throughout high school to keep them on a path toward their higher education goals. During junior and senior year, they work with the staff to make appropriate college selections, explore various career paths, and search for scholarship opportunities. We are regularly trying to broaden the horizons of our participants and hopes to fund more out of town college visits for our juniors and seniors.

We are proud to report that 100% of our student athletes have graduated on time with most going on to pursue high education.