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About PCR

Our Mission

Philadelphia City Rowing empowers youth through the sport of rowing. We believe that by providing positive sports-based youth development within a highly structured athletic program, we can help young people reach their full potential, leading full, healthy lives.

Our Values

  • The sport of rowing teaches discipline, perseverance and teamwork, reinforcing invaluable lessons that extend into all areas of life.
  • By increasing access, affordability, and diversity, we can promote the sport of rowing in the United States and add depth to the athletic pool.
  • All Philadelphians should have access to the natural waterways and the rich rowing history of their city.

Our Objectives

  • Establish a Public School Rowing Team that is competitive locally, regionally and nationally, and creates the opportunity for participants to pursue rowing at the collegiate level and beyond.
  • Use competitive rowing as a vehicle to improve the health, well-being, self-confidence and academic success of Philadelphia’s public school students.
  • Involve participants in one of Philadelphia’s greatest sporting traditions.