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Braxton Memorial Regatta & Scholarship

PCR ended the Fall 2017 season racing in the Braxton Regatta

Bill Braxton’s family, close friends, coaches and The Philadelphia Girls’ Rowing Club held the 44th annual rowing of the Bill Braxton Memorial Regatta. Each year a male and female rower are awarded a scholarship for college expenses. For more information and to apply, go to the Braxton Regatta website.

The Bill Braxton Memorial Regatta honors the spirit of Bill Braxton, who was killed in an auto accident after his sophomore year at Marietta College. Earlier that year, 1973, Bill and his Lightweight 8 crew went undefeated and won the Dad Vail Regatta. The Bill Braxton Memorial Regatta stands for the selfless dedication of the true oarsman, one who holds the true spirit of competition as a healthy, integral part of life.

Proceeds from the Regatta fund two scholarships, awarded to deserving high school rowers to help pay for college education.