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Jasmin Butler Headshot

Jasmin Butler, Class of 2017
Jasmin was a four-year athlete with PCR from 2013 - 2017. She greatly enjoyed her time with PCR and credits PCR with much of her love of staying active! Jasmin currently attends the University of Miami and is studying Political Science, Business Law, and International Studies. She works as the Program Coordinator for the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs when she assists student organizations in the planning and execution of various campus-wide events. Outside of school and work, she enjoys bike riding, visiting the beach, learning new Tiktok dances with her younger sister, and a nice bowl of matcha ice cream! 

Evan Harper

Evan Harper, Alumni Chair, Class of 2013
At PCR Evan rowed in the JV 8 and the JV 4 his junior year and the Varsity 4 high senior year. After high school and PCR, Even tried out a few different colleges but ultimately ended up working in property management & hospitality for the last 6 years. Today he works for GY-Properties as the Assistant Property Manager for their Germantown and North East Locations. He also manages the restaurant Red Owl Tavern in Old City. When he’s not working, he loves to watch football (GO BEARS) and ride his bike. Evan enjoys hip-hop, video games, and eating delicious food with my friends and family. 

Stephanie Hodges

Stephanie Hodges, Chair, Class of 2013
Stephanie participated in the first PCR class while attending Masterman High School. She found PCR fun and exciting but definitely uncharted territory. After PCR she attended the University of Pennsylvania where she studied Sociology. In 2017, Stephanie moved to Brooklyn and started working at Peloton where she’s been for over 3 years. Stephanie is passionate about improving access to fitness, particularly in Black and Brown communities. Outside of work you can find her creating playlists, learning a new recipe, or trying to figure out what to wear.

Erin Hudson Headshot

Erin Hudson, Class of 2018
Erin began rowing with PCR in 8th grade and continued rowing for all four years of high school. She graduated from Central High School in 2018 and loved volunteering at PCR learn-to-rows camps. Erin am currently studying Biology at Temple University and plans to attend pharmacy school in the future. She is passionate about volunteer work and helping others in need. Erin is grateful for PCR for teaching her perseverance and helping her stay motivated to be the best version of herself. In her free time, she loves expanding her wardrobe and trying new styles, listening to music, and spending quality time with friends and family. 

Imani Johnson

Imani Johnson, Social Chair, Class of 2013
Imani was a member of the first PCR class and graduated from Science Leadership Academy in 2013. With the help of Coach Nicole Richie, Imani had the opportunity to continue her rowing career at Temple University where she studied Tourism and Hospitality Management. After stepping away from Temple's rowing team to focus on her academic pursuits, she both interned and coached for PCR. After graduating from Temple, Imani worked in the food and beverage industry, and up until earlier this year she managed Wharton's Steinberg Conference Center. During her free time, Imani loves to catch up on new music, focus on plant care, try out new dairy-free recipes, travel, and encourage her friends and family to pursue their passions. Imani credits PCR for helping her to learn how to constantly push herself out of her comfort zone so that she can be the best she can possibly be.

Katherine Morucci

Katherine Morucci, Class of 2011
Katherine was a coxswain for PCR during her senior year of high school and subsequently attended UPenn where she studied biology. Following undergrad, she attended the University of California, Davis for a Masters in Pathology and is currently still there conducting her Ph.D. in archaeology. While Katherine is passionate about her research and fieldwork on the evolution of the human-animal bond, she absolutely LOVES teaching and mentoring undergraduate students. She also works for the California Raptor Center where she helps with wildlife rehabilitation and engages in local outreach on ecological conservation and natural history. Outside of her academic pursuits, she is a student member of the Davis Anthropology Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, where she specifically focuses on undergraduate student advocacy and anti-racist programming and syllabi. 

Darya Nemati

Darya Nemati, Class of 2015
Darya attended Science Leadership Academy, was a 4-year athlete for PCR, and served as captain of the women’s team. After PCR, she attended the University of Pennsylvania where she studied Health & Societies and found group exercise to fill the void of a team sport. Darya graduated in 2019 and began working at the Nationalities Service Center where she works as a case manager for refugees and immigrants who have extensive medical needs. Outside of work, she is also a certified group fitness instructor. Darya says she has PCR to thank for my love of sweating with others in the gym and testing her own limits. 

Michael Palamountain

Michael Palamountain, Class of 2013
Michael (or MOLP as he was known at PCR) graduated from Central High School where he studied psychology and eventually found a love for DJing. He started a DJ club at Penn with a group of close friends called The Collective that became one of the premier social organizations on campus. Creating design, video and photo content, writing, and event planning sparked his interest in marketing. When a friend recommended an advertising internship MOLP jumped at it. From there he interned at multiple ad agencies in NYC before graduating. Upon graduation, he freelanced in Philly while also coaching for PCR. Now he is working full time at a design studio called J2 and loving it. He’s excited to get back to giving back to PCR athletes. 

Lothy Petit-Frere

Lothy Petit-Frere, Class of 2012
Lothy graduated in from PCR 2012 but came back to help coach summer learn-to-row camps for two years after her graduation. 

Amir Smith

Amir Smith, Class of 2015
Amir successfully swept and sculled, and raced as both a lightweight and heavyweight during his tenure at PCR. In his senior year, he won the Braxton Scholarship, awarded to Philadelphia area high school rowers who embody courage, conviction, and devotion to the community. He graduated from Mathematics Civics & Sciences Charter School in 2015. He attended college for two years at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and has worked in construction and as an electrician. Amir currently works for Amazon as a driver and is pursuing business ownership with a few partners. He hopes to eventually open a youth arts and performance center in the community.

Will Stocovaz

William Stocovaz, Vice-Chair, Class of 2018
Will is currently a varsity rower at Princeton University where he studies Public and International Affairs. Will rowed with PCR from 2014-2018 and was elected captain in 2016. Outside the boathouse, he is broadly interested in politics, specifically the effects of partisanship on governmental institutions and the dynamics of power in the United States. Other areas of interest include the outdoors, real estate, and world literature. 

Tayler Wilmore

Tayler Wilmore, Class of 2012
After graduating from high school and PCR in 2012, Tayler attended the University of Pittsburgh, where she earned a BA in History. In 2016, she moved back home to Philly. Until earlier this fall, Tayler worked as the human resources generalist at the Please Touch Museum. Currently, she works in operations for a healthcare staffing agency. Her hobbies include cooking, gardening, attempting DIY projects, and making plans to open an educational farm!