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Thanks to all our supporters PCR has an outstanding year!

But we still need your help to ensure that young Philadelphians have the tools they need to reach their greatest potential.


Youth sports nationwide are rapidly becoming "pay to play," leaving young people from low- and even middle-income families with fewer and fewer opportunities for sport and positive development. This trend has left many young Philadelphians with limited options for safe, healthy, and enriching afterschool activities. 

PCR breaks down the barriers of entry into our sport, beginning with offering our program completely free of charge so that our student-athletes never have to "pay to play." This year, we gave out more than $15,000 in transit tokens to provide students safe transportation to and from practice and further reduce the financial burden on their families. We continued offering free swim instruction so our athletes feel safe and confident on the water. Since off the water success is just as important, we strengthened our enrichment programming, which now includes environmental and nutrition education, tutoring and SAT prep, SMART goal setting, and assistance with the college admissions process.

In order to grow successfully, we need to expand our small but talented staff and scale our administrative operations so that growth in numbers never means a reduction in impact or student-athlete success. 

Our continued improvement and future expansion depends on the generosity of individuals like you. Please invest in PCR's future by making a gift to our Annual Campaign. Your donation - no matter how large or small - has a tremendous impact on our program and the lives of our student-athletes


Thank you for all your support!

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