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Manny Flick #5

Sunday April 19 was Manny Flick #5 and the last Manny Flick of the season. Starting the morning of racing was two Lightweight Boys Double. Seniors James Garcia and Amir Smith started things off with a strong second in their flight and were 4th overall with a time of 5:31. Daekwon Smith and Gabe McGuoirk raced in the second flight and were 5th and got a time of 6:13. Great job boys!

 The JV boys 4+ looked strong coming down the course and ended up 19th out of 28 crews with a time of 5:40. Racing in the four this weekend was stroke Kyle Wilson, Christian Gleason, Myi Harte, David Ludwig and coxswain Jasmine Butler. This was a competitive field and the boys felt they had a strong race and are looking forward to next weekends race

The boys novice 4+ raced for the first time this Sunday and were 13th out of a field of 20 getting a time of 6:21. Racing in the four was stroke Malik Dawan, Cameron Lightsey, Ameen Bendaoud, Nicholas Romano, and coxswain Olivia Morris. The boys had a great first race and coach Ryan was happy with them.Novice boys 8+ dominated their race, and got 2nd out of 19 crews this morning with a time of 5:06. Racing in the eight was stroke Jose Cartagena stroking, Will Stocovaz, Skylar Scacidi, Jacob Harris, Xavier Pfister, Tyler Wilson, Wesley White and coxswain Tarleton David Williams. The boys are very excited to race again and keep getting faster.

In the afternoon the girls took the water and had some great racing! The girls novice 8+'s went down the course first with a total of three novice 8's racing! The girls were 6th, 11th, and 22nd out of 23 novice girls crews. Great job ladies! All crews felt they have improved from last week’s race. 

The JV girls 8+ raced next and they were 12th out of 17 crews in a competitive field earning them a time of 5:39. Racing in the boat was stroke Calla Bush, Kai Burton, Isabella D’Angelo, Emma Graff, Chiara Nemati, Lola Genera, Hannah Boroff, Logan Perrin and coxswain Tatiana Torres. The girls felt they had a good race but are looking forward to racing again next weekend.

Finishing up the day of racing was the two girls varsity 4+'s. The first 4+ won their flight and 6th overall with a time of 5:40. Racing in the first four was Helen Sdoa, Margarita Amihava, Darya Nemati, Hana Perlman, and coxswain Eugenie St. John Sutton.  The second 4+ was 19th out of 30 crews! Racing in the second varsity four was stroke Kathryn Romano, Nadirah Reynolds, Jennifer Nunez, Cassidy Kapps-Gibson and coxswain Crystal Collazo-Deleon. Great job girls! A big thank you to everyone who came out to support PCR, and great job to everyone that raced over the weekend!